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‘Stang Slang

‘Stang Slang

Terms that every Mustang lover should know

Posted: February 21, 2013 by Josh H.

The Fox Body Mustangblack fox

Era: ’79 – ’93

Other terms: Fox, Fox Body, Square Light, Bug Eye, Aero Fox

A Bug Eye / Aero Fox is pictured here (’87-up).  Earlier years were referred to as Square Light Fox Bodies (Pre-’87)










 ole redThe SN-95 Mustang

Era: ’94 – ’98

These cars are known for their smooth and curvy styling.  Early models still received the good old 5.0L motors.  In ’96, they started receiving the 2-valve 4.6L powerplants.  They, unfortunately, weren’t quite powerhouse motors.  Pictured here is an SVT Cobra model.  These were upgraded with the DOHC 4-Valve 4.6L motors.








The New Edge Mustangtermi

Era: ’99 to ’04

Other Terms: Modulars

After the smooth styling of the SN-95 era, Ford went the other direction again with the sharper styling of the New Edge platform.  Ford upgraded the heads on the 2-valve 4.6 motor in ’99.  The refined heads were referred to as PI heads, for “performance improved”.  In fact, it has become popular for SN-95 GT owners to swap PI heads onto their setup for easy power gains.  Pictured here is the baddest of the bad; the 2003 SVT Cobra, known as the “Terminator”.  These were outfitted with supercharged DOHC 4-valve 4.6L motors, rated at 390HP from the factory.






cobraThe S197 Mustang

Era: ’05 – Present

Other Terms: D2C

This Mustang platform and design was a throwback to the ’60′s era Mustangs.  You can see subtle styling cues in the body lines and panels.  Early S197 models were equipped with a new 3-Valve 4.6L motor that put out around 300 horsepower from the factory.  In 2011, Ford made us all proud by bringing back the 5.0L motor (Coyote) for the GT’s, making over 400 horsepower straight from the factory floor.  Pictured is the 2007 SVT Cobra with 500 factory supplied horsepower!